God Bless Colin Powell

At least one member of the family is uncomfortable endorsing political candidates, especially at the national level. However, the relentlessly negative tone of this year’s campaign demands a response.

Thankfully, Colin Powell did it for me on Meet the Press last weekend. He directly rebuked his old friend, Senator John McCain, for the climate of intolerance in his campaign. I have been praying that someone of stature would finally do that. Despite his UN testimony on Iraqi WMDs, I think he has the stature for this. Continue reading God Bless Colin Powell

Reading ebooks on your Palm PDA

I have exactly two types of custom applications on my Palm PDA – things I added to the standard bundle – encrypted password storage and ebook reading. At present I have two separate ebook applications: eReader from Palm and “Plucker,” an open source application that appears abandoned.

I acquired Plucker because Project Gutenberg (the source of almost all of my ebooks) now includes a “Plucker format” option. It’s incredibly annoying that, by 2008, ebook software developers haven’t managed to support a reasonable range of book formats. Plucker is supposed to be free software, so there’s no reason not to support it everywhere. Or, for that matter, why can’t an ebook reader incorporate some moderately simple heuristics to reformat plain old ASCII text for reading on a PDA? Continue reading Reading ebooks on your Palm PDA