Arlene’s Sheet Apple Pie and other recipes

Arlene Schultz (may God rest her soul) took care of our kids when they were younger and was an honorary grandmother. She was smart and hard working, and she was the pillar of an extensive family of good-hearted and capable children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We lost her to cancer several years ago, and her youngest daughter is in that fight today. Surprisingly, Arlene’s mother outlived her.

Anyway, Arlene liked to make a traditional apple pie on a cookie sheet. It had a crust and a bit of glazed frosting. We ended up with several other of Arlene’s recipes, which are posted here. I’m still looking for her Chicken Pie recipe, which we probably have around somewhere.

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Cantankerous Software

I’ve reverted to my preferred WordPress theme and things seem to work again. I have no idea why things got messed up and then un-messed up.

Perhaps things will Go South again in a day or two. Meanwhile let’s see if things just cleared up on their own.

I hate it when things like this happen. Computers are supposed to be predictable fergoshsakes.

The hot dish map

We made a road trip down to the Harbor View in Pepin, WI, yesterday, stopping for art and junk shops. In Maiden Rock, we visited “Swan Song,” and met Faye Passow, creator of the “Principal Hot Dishes of Minnesota.” It’s a map showing where these hot dishes allegedly reside.

She has a whole line of similarly entertaining stuff on her Keep The Faye web site.

We bought a “Favorite Fantasy” magnet set – it comes with a individual cartoon images of different fantasies plus a couple of figures to add to today’s favorite.

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