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Our 2008 and Older Photo Galleries

Here are links to our 2008 photo albums for family and friends. If you click on a photo on an “index” page, you get a large version of that photo. You can browse through the pages by clicking the tiny arrows on the page headers.

I’ve migrated everything else to a “photo gallery” site. Our site uses an open source web server called Gallery2, that stores and organizes our photos. Before this, I relied on the web page-building feature of Apple’s Aperture program. Now I’ve found an Aperture add-on that loads photos directly from Aperture to our Gallery2 web site.

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San Francisco Pics

Several members of the medical staff at Regina Medical Center were at a medical staff training seminar in San Francisco earlier this fall. Various family members tagged along, including me. The physicians and such learned about the fine points of managing staff privileges and of investigating problems. I sat in long enough to hear a little about managing ‘hearings’ for misbehaving staffers – those guys give a really good seminar. Aside from that, the rest of us got to wander around San Francisco.

I wandered around our hotel and took photos of various SF architectural details, visited the waterfront, and got out to the Palace of the Legion of Honor. After the seminar was over, we all went on a bus tour of Muir Woods and the Golden Gate. This yielded some nice pics of San Francisco cityscapes and of the Regina staff and families. Continue reading San Francisco Pics