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Our 2008 and Older Photo Galleries

Here are links to our 2008 photo albums for family and friends. If you click on a photo on an “index” page, you get a large version of that photo. You can browse through the pages by clicking the tiny arrows on the page headers.

I’ve migrated everything else to a “photo gallery” site. Our site uses an open source web server called Gallery2, that stores and organizes our photos. Before this, I relied on the web page-building feature of Apple’s Aperture program. Now I’ve found an Aperture add-on that loads photos directly from Aperture to our Gallery2 web site.

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Fun plus Measurement

A fellow blogger has noted a correlation between enjoyment of exercise (or is it travel?) and the ability to measure it. I must admit that I have a hard time arranging to exercise, but I like to measure travel. I feel lost if my car’s clock or odometer are broken or somehow unreadable.

As for exercise, I find the most effective are swimming and downhill skiing: in both cases I put myself in a risky situation (drowning, falling down a steep hill) and I must exercise my way out of it!

Greetings, Larry!

Back in the carefree days of youth, I met a kid named Larry (Serle at the time, though he reverted to Grinnell as an adult) and we spent a lot of time on various geeky kid activities, mostly stamp collecting, watching bad TV, and hanging around the local hot spots like the Smithsonian Institution. Larry just wrote a blog entry about our days in DC and how it led to his visit to an unrestored Enola Gay. Continue reading Greetings, Larry!