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Abuse by a Scout Leader

A Burnsville Scoutmaster has been accused of molesting three troop members.

It’s impossible to 100% prevent such incidents, just as it’s impossible to prevent death and injury during scouting events. Scouts are specifically taught how to identify and deal with potential abuse situations. Leaders are taught to avoid situations that might enable abuse. For example, individual leaders are never supposed to be alone with individual scouts. We call this “two deep leadership.”

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BSA in the Mideast

I just spent an evening sharing stories with a fellow Scouter who has served as scoutmaster to an enclave of American boys in the Mideast. Their troop is a “direct service” troop, which means they don’t have a normal district or council. Instead, they work directly with a representative at the National Council office in Texas.

Scouting is a bit different out there. We may have deserts and exotic locales here, but it’s something different out there. They’ve camped in everything from the endless desert to 12,000 foot mountains among wild baboons. Local rules send most of the older boys away, so most in the troop are younger Scouts. Regardless, my friend had just finished submitting a batch of Eagle applications before leaving for the States, so we know this is still the Boy Scouts of America.

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Thoughts on a District Website

I’m the chairman of the local scouting district, and our new district executive has taken the lead on moving our web site to a content management system. The council is using Dot Net Nuke for this, so we just had a morning of training on it.

So I’m taking some time here to write down my thoughts on how to organize a district web site. These observations take a particular eye towards using Dot Net Nuke as the host platform. Continue reading Thoughts on a District Website