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WordPress and Facebook

Memo to self: next time I edit one of my WordPress postings, be sure to edit the “Publicize” property in the upper left corner.

If I’m updating an old post, I must be sure to un-check Facebook so I don’t republish an old post. If I’m creating a new post (like this one) that doesn’t need to go to Facebook, I should also un-check Facebook.

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Starting today, I’m moving my posts to a site hosted at The site is named “” which allows old links to still retrieve old contents.

However, anyone typing in the regular URL, or following one of the old menus (recipes, Maypole, etc.) will go directly to this new site.


Time for Linux?

With international abuse being poured upon Windows 8 – experienced Windows users can’t even figure it out – perhaps it’s time for the General Public to start using Linux. The “desktop friendly” versions like Ubuntu are comparable to Windows these days, and OpenOffice or LibreOffice provide MS-Office features at no cost.

Unlike Windows or Mac, Linux and its software are all FREE. No cost for the software. None.

This is the time to make the break. When you buy a new computer, get a Linux computer. Yes, you’ll hate it. It’ll be completely different from your other computers. But then, so is Windows 8.

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The Strike

Copyright symbol

I took the site offline yesterday in solidarity with the Electronic Frontiers Foundation and other organizations to protest impending US congressional action on “copyright protection” bills.

As a published author I’m happy to have the government enforce copyright laws so that I get paid for my work. But the current proposals are heavy-handed attempts by the entertainment industry to stack the deck in their favor. I’m tired of this. I want copyright protections to make sense both socially and technologically. I want due process when someone’s web site is threatened with closure.

A Mini-Migration

GoDaddy did something weird to their hosting packages a while back. When I tried to upgrade my Cryptosmith blog to the new package, it took them WEEKS to do the migration.

So this time I took matters into my own hands. I created a completely new hosting account and I’m migrating the stuff myself.

The site will probably be down for a couple of hours while they switch the domain name from the old host to the new host, but things should come right back up after that.

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