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When we visit San Francisco,

…these are the two restaurants at which we always try to eat.

  1. Pacific Cafe on Geary St near Land’s End for seafood.
  2. House of Nanking on Kearney near Columbus for Chinese.

We first visited the Pacific Cafe about 30 years ago and it’s still terrific. I love the scallops. We ‘discovered’ House of Nanking only 6 years ago and I still dream of their spicy calamari.

Pacific Cafe, Geary St,; and House of Nanking, Kearney and Columbus, . Both serve simple but tasty food at a reasonable price.

My favorite meme from 2015

A neighbor has a variant of the Gadsden Flag flying under his American Flag. Instead of yellow, it’s black, but it has the snake and the “Don’t Tread On Me.”

I haven’t found anyone on the Internet who offers a Gadsden Flag with the “Send Snacks” motto. I’d buy one in a second.

This is also a “test posting” – WordPress has a “featured image” setting and “image post” format. I’m wondering what they do.


Ebola news of the weird – financial edition

My friend John shared this one with me – a company with Russian connections has spent over $200K to buy the domain name “” That’s weird enough, but a Slate correspondent took the time to dissect the transaction, which involves stock in a “marijuana company” and a seller who also owns “”

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The Imperial Cat

CatDidItI hadn’t realized it, but cats really used to run everything. As with most cases of imperial power, they blew it. 

According to an ancient Chinese legend, the gods originally gave cats dominion over creation. I don’t know if that was before or after Adam and Eve were tossed out of paradise. Cats were even given the power of speech so their commands would be understood by lesser beings (humans, I guess).

However, the cats were about as careless with their blessings as Adam and Eve were. They were too busy sleeping under the cherry trees and playing in the meadows to attend to their serious work.

The gods gave cats three chances to clean up their act. Each time they found cats sleeping and playing instead of keeping the world in order. Finally, the cats admitted that they didn’t really care about running the world, and suggested leaving it to humans to do. The power of speech was taken from cats and given to humans. 

We all know how that turned out.

Apparently our ancient Greek friend Aristophanes used the excuse, “The cat did it,” in one of his comedies.


Biscuit’s pie crust recipe

[last updated 29 March 2021]

Every Thanksgiving, we make as many as 20 pies on PIE day, which is the day before Thanksgiving. Not to be confused with March 14, another great excuse for Pi Day pie making.

Pie Crust 2 10 inch rounds
keys: keep everything cold
handle crust as little as possible with hands

2 3/4 c all purpose flour: sift, then measure
1 tsp salt
16 oz COLD butter- 2 sticks cut into 1/2 inch slices

1/3 to 1/2 cup ice water. (May use 2 tbsp vodka in place of some of water)

mix flour and salt together. keep cold!
put ice cold butter and into bowl and cut into flour mixture with pastry blender tool or use two knives until consistency of small peas

use fork and mix in 1/4 cup ice water keep stirring in about a Tablespoon at a time until it holds together

quickly shape into two balls, wrap in plastic and put in fridge until you roll out

i roll out on a 16 x 16 mat. dusted with flour. dust the rolling pin too
start in center and roll to outside, gradually making circle larger until about 1/8 inch thick. i roll up crust on rolling pin often to make sure it is not sticking also

after rolled out , cut in circle about 2 inches wider than pan for bottom crust. roll up on rolling pin and lay gently in pan. put in fridge until ready to fill. roll out top crust. make about an inch wider than pan. put in filling roll up top crust and unroll onto pie top.

roll edges under and crimp with fork or pinch between thumb and index finger of both hands

make a few slashes in pie top for steam release. roll out extra scraps and make fun cutouts to decorate.

for rasberry or cherry pies i just cut out a lot of leaf shapes and put them close together

bake at 450 for 10 minutes and then 350 for 40-50 minutes until nicely browned