This is the Atwood-Smith family blog. The site began as a way to post family photos to share with distant family members. The first site was hosted on free space provided by Media One. The original site actually made a list of “Top 100 Family Web Sites,” probably on the strength of the Maypole Dance pictures. The “Top 100” logo still appears on the Maypole pages.

Now the site is hosted at WordPress.Com.

As a family we have a tradition of writing Letters to the Editor, so our photo galleries may have to share space with a few diatribes.

Authentication Crypto, and Information Security

Web pages related to information security and the writings of Dr. Rick Smith were originally posted at http://www.visi.com/crypto, and migrated to http://www.smat.us/crypto a few years later.

All of that material has migrated to the Cryptosmith site: www.cryptosmith.com. A few links still work from smat.us/crypto, but most of that material has been retired or moved to the other site.

Matters of the Smith-Atwood family

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