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WordPress and Facebook

Memo to self: next time I edit one of my WordPress postings, be sure to edit the “Publicize” property in the upper left corner.

If I’m updating an old post, I must be sure to un-check Facebook so I don’t republish an old post. If I’m creating a new post (like this one) that doesn’t need to go to Facebook, I should also un-check Facebook.

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Starting today, I’m moving my posts to a site hosted at WordPress.com. The site is named “b.smat.us” which allows old links to still retrieve old contents.

However, anyone typing in the regular URL, or following one of the old menus (recipes, Maypole, etc.) will go directly to this new site.


WordPress Upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 3 and to whatever the latest version of Gallery 2 might be.

Both went “sort of” smoothly, though there was a bit of gear grinding to get the two to work together.

Oddly enough, once everything was properly set, I just had to be patient and various problems disappeared on their own. The linkage between WordPress and Gallery 2 works better than ever, though they seemed on the verge of divorce right after the upgrade.

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