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Sarah and Rand (Paul)

Fox News quoted its darling, Sarah Palin, who claims that Rand Paul is getting the same treatment she did. That’s nonsense. Rand Paul is being criticized for honestly voicing the logical implications of libertarian beliefs. Sarah Palin was criticized for her lack of any accomplishment beyond a mean sort of glibness.

At least Paul understands what he believes, whether the rest of us agree with him or not.

What’s wrong with OUR town?

I admit I’ve been thinking a lot about what The Economist said about former Mayor Palin’s annual lobbying trips to Washington on the behalf of her vast metropolis of less than 9,000 people.

I was poised to write an ironic letter to the Hastings Star Gazette chiding our own mayor for his lackluster lobbying in comparison, until I ran into him in the grocery store. Continue reading What’s wrong with OUR town?

Wasilla and VP candidate Palin

A few of years ago, the parents of Kelsey’s high school boy friend invited us to stay in their lakefront cabin in Alaska. We drove through Wasilla on the way. That’s where VP candidate Sarah Palin learned public administration as mayor (a part-time position). That place is tiny. It makes Hastings look huge! Continue reading Wasilla and VP candidate Palin