Thanksgiving Carols

Our family has developed the odd habit of singing Thanksgiving carols. It all started with our old friend Tim Leonard, who introduced us to the anthem of Turkey Day:

My turkey ’tis of thee
Sweet bird of cranberry
Of thee I sing.

I love thy back and wing,
Breast, thigh, and other thing,
I love thy sweet stuffing,

Oh, luscious bird!

At first we just sang this at the beginning of the meal. Eventually we developed a tradition of wandering the neighborhood singing our carols. The singing takes place right after the main course, giving everyone a chance to make room for the dozen or so pies made for dessert.

Over the years we’ve expanded the repertoire to include Over the River and Through the Woods, Thanksgiving Day by John McCutcheon, and a local hit called Turkeys Marching created by former neighbors:

Turkeys marching, turkeys marching
Singing songs of protest day and night
Turkeys marching, turkeys marching
Singing of their turkey rights

No more must  the men mistreat us
Raise us, kill us, cook us, eat us
Turkeys marching, turkeys marching
Singing of their turkey rights.

Here is our song sheet.

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