A Mini-Migration

GoDaddy did something weird to their hosting packages a while back. When I tried to upgrade my Cryptosmith blog to the new package, it took them WEEKS to do the migration.

So this time I took matters into my own hands. I created a completely new hosting account and I’m migrating the stuff myself.

The site will probably be down for a couple of hours while they switch the domain name from the old host to the new host, but things should come right back up after that.

Some people might say: “Of course you should set up the revised site on your own!” The problem is that we can’t always tell how easy/hard something is supposed to be. The GoDaddy people hinted that it was a minor sort of thing: move some files and throw the switch. So I figured they could do it themselves without much trouble.

I was wrong.

I never expected it would take WEEKS to move some files onto a new server. I think the thing got stuck somewhere in their automatic process, in a gap that’s not really covered by customer service.

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