Time for Linux?

With international abuse being poured upon Windows 8 – experienced Windows users can’t even figure it out – perhaps it’s time for the General Public to start using Linux. The “desktop friendly” versions like Ubuntu are comparable to Windows these days, and OpenOffice or LibreOffice provide MS-Office features at no cost.

Unlike Windows or Mac, Linux and its software are all FREE. No cost for the software. None.

This is the time to make the break. When you buy a new computer, get a Linux computer. Yes, you’ll hate it. It’ll be completely different from your other computers. But then, so is Windows 8.

I’m not the first person to notice this, and in fact I’m rather late to this party (see here, and here). Ubuntu Linux briefly made a marketing pitch recommending Ubuntu as a substitute for Windows 8.

The down side is that the rough edges of Linux are different from those in Windows. It’s best to embark on this with a youthful friend or relative who can provide tech support.

If you need to move ahead without hand-holding and you’re not especially tech-y yourself, then Apple may indeed be your alternative. It costs even more, but it’s well engineered and pretty predictable.

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