WordPress and Facebook

Memo to self: next time I edit one of my WordPress postings, be sure to edit the “Publicize” property in the upper left corner.

If I’m updating an old post, I must be sure to un-check Facebook so I don’t republish an old post. If I’m creating a new post (like this one) that doesn’t need to go to Facebook, I should also un-check Facebook.

This morning I found a memorial posting about Whimsey’s death. It had lost the photo of Whimsey from K&E’s wedding. I edited the post to include the lost photo, and the thing went right to Facebook after updating. Got lots of belated condolences, and a few “Didn’t she die, like, 3 years ago?

Apparently WordPress keeps track of whether or not something has been posted to FaceBook. New stuff is naturally pushed to FaceBook. Old stuff that was migrated to the site but never (to its knowledge) posted to FaceBook will be sent there if modified. I can prevent the publication of old stuff if I un-check the FaceBook box under Publicize. If the post is already published, the box appears checked and I can’t un-publish it.

Well, actually I can un-publish something from FaceBook by deleting it from FaceBook itself. But I can’t un-check the FaceBook box on WordPress.

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