The hot dish map

We made a road trip down to the Harbor View in Pepin, WI, yesterday, stopping for art and junk shops. In Maiden Rock, we visited “Swan Song,” and met Faye Passow, creator of the “Principal Hot Dishes of Minnesota.” It’s a map showing where these hot dishes allegedly reside.

She has a whole line of similarly entertaining stuff on her Keep The Faye web site.

We bought a “Favorite Fantasy” magnet set – it comes with a individual cartoon images of different fantasies plus a couple of figures to add to today’s favorite.

Faye still offers the Hot Dish map image on dish towels, tee shirts, and such.

We encountered several weird and wonderful things on the trip. Also in Maiden Rock was the “Secret Heart Gallery.” I was drawn in by the incredible images of train graffiti featuring religious icons.

OK, I admit that I believed the images were real until B. J. Christofferson, the artist/shopkeeper, explained that they were Photoshopped. She calls these images the “Maiden Rock Train Project.”

I was seriously trying to figure out what ghetto artist had the inspiration, skill, and knowledge of religious iconography to create such work.

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