Dreaming of Minnesota Traffic

I woke up at 5am this morning and decided there was no point in being up that early. I went back to sleep and dreamed of traffic.

It was snowing and I was in a 2-lane column of stuck traffic when some bozo goes speeding past in the narrow breakdown lane. Then the bozo’s car gets stuck in slushy mess just past where we are stopped. I get out of my car, feeling a sense of justice, and I walk over to the side of their car.

The other side is tipping into this pond that appeared by the side of the road. This being a dream, I give the car a gentle push and it tips right over into the lake.

This being Minnesota, I immediately wade into the lake, help the confused occupants from the car, apologizing the whole time.

It’s a couple of hapless 20somethings on their way to family Thanksgiving. Fortunately I wake up just as their Mom arrives to start yelling at me.

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