An Arrest

Our block is surrounded by churches, trees, and homes. It’s also right next to US 61. I see people pulled over for speeding or whatever, but this is the first time we’ve had a genuine arrest – guns drawn, cuffs, other suspects under guard, crying toddler in the vehicle. It all started, like most things these days, with Ginny barking.

I was cooking burgers on the grill, and I chased her in the house. She was barking at a red pickup. More precisely, she was barking at the people standing around it. I assumed the people were either awaiting church or had pulled off of 61 to rest or make phone calls. I chased Ginny in, but left another door open. A few minutes later (burgers turned), she was out back barking again. This time I heard shouts and saw flashing police lights. “Uh, Ginny, it’s time for us to get out of here.”

The nearest door was locked and had a keypad, so I typed the unlock code. Didn’t work. Tried another few times. Then the lock blinked red: not going to open now. So I pulled Ginny around the house and pushed her in another door.

Reaching a window, I heard an officer shout, “Don’t turn around. Walk backwards towards me.”

The officer held a small rifle. There was a bright reddish dot in the middle of the suspect’s back. A laser sight.

Was I watching a training exercise? Another officer shouts, “I hear crying in the back seat.” Soon a toddler emerges, carried by an officer, wiping sad eyes. This isn’t an exercise.

Aside from the pickup truck belonging to the suspects, there was a fully unmarked minivan (no flashing lights), another unmarked vehicle with flashing lights, and two police cars in Hastings city livery.

It was about an hour before the scene cleared. I finished cooking the burgers without burning anything, and missed most of the event.


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