Delta Airlines’ April Meltdown

North Central - Republic Airlines goose logoThis is a brief report on our experience with Delta’s epic meltdown over Palm Sunday weekend (April 7-10).
We were rebooked 4 times and rescheduled at least a half dozen times between midnight Friday and our ultimate arrival at about 3am Monday morning. Our original flight was supposed to arrive Saturday afternoon.
The final bit was that our bags were on the wrong flight and I had to pick them up after the morning flight came in. I asked the baggage lady if it was the worst she’d seen. She said, “No, it was worse when Northwest and Republic merged. Before computers.”

[Update: Delta sent us each 20,000 miles as an apology.]

2 thoughts on “Delta Airlines’ April Meltdown”

  1. I take it you didn’t trust them to deliver the bags? So far for me they haven’t screwed that up, once they finally got them to the right airport.

    1. Given the meltdown situation, I decided an airport visit was best. The baggage office was closed when the flight landed. Until I reported them they weren’t officially “lost.” My phone call to Delta baggage was greeted with a 4-6 hour wait time. So I had no way to promptly report my missing bags except to talk in person with the baggage office. The online baggage tracker reported the bags were aboard the morning MSP-BOS flight. It seemed likely I’d find the bags at the airport. I did.

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